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Just a couple of old school thrashers who've decided to independently release our friend’s music projects. Only stuff we like from those we know.

What started with 80's thrash continues on to the death…

GYAOS:DIABOLICAL - Let the Vultures Speak

Let the Vultures Speak

Debut Release of: GYAOS:DIABOLICAL
Released: May 1st, 2021
Style: Crossover thrash w/touches of black metal
Format: Limited Edition 12" RED Vinyl

Track List

  1. Cauldron of Thornes
  2. Double Lunged Conspiracy
  3. Threadbare and Blood Torn
  4. Only the Dead
  5. Let the Vultures Speak
  6. Black North Road
  7. Dead Reckoning
  8. Teeth of Consequence

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